PCB Assembly

14000 SF Assembly Room, Conductive Flooring, Humidity Controlled
4 DEK Fine Pitch Solder Printers with Vision
2 Speedprint SP700avi Printers with Automated Solder Paste Inspection
1 Europlacer Inneo II
1 Europlacer XPii - II
2 Europlacer iico
1 Europlacer Finesse
3 Contact Systems 3Z's
4  Convection Solder Reflow Ovens
1  MCT Browne Hybrid Reflow System
2  Contact 400D Cut and Clinch Machine
2  Wayne Kerr ATE Combination Test Systems
1  Cerprobe Probing Station for Hybrid ATE
5  Blue M Ovens for Epoxy/Encapsulation Cure
1  Bittle High Pot Tester
1  Electrovert Wave Solder Machine
1 ACE Kiss 102 Selective Solder
1  Data IO Engineering Programming Station
1  Hybrid Assembly Burn-In System
1  Glenbrook Technologies RTX-113 X-Ray Inspection System
1  SMT Tools BGA-100 Inspection Tool
1 Mirtec MV-3L Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
1  YTV-1000 Automated Optical Inspection System (AOI)
1 Trek Aqueous Cleaner Triton IV
1 CyberOptics Solder Paste Inspection system
2 ESS Temperature Chambers
1 Altitude Chamber
1 SCS Parylene Conformal Coater
1 Aqueous Technologies Trident III

Thick Film Hybrid Manufacturing

2400 SF Class 10K Clean Room, Static Dissipative Flooring
1 Ceramic Substrate Wash System
5 DEK Manual Thick Film Screen Printers
1 DEK Automatic Thick Film Printer with Load
2 RTC Thick Film Firing Furnaces
2 CLS Passive Trim Laser with Step & Repeat Handler
1 CLS Active Trim Laser
1 MRSI Automatic Die Bonder
1 MRSI Epoxy Dispenser
1 K&S 1419 Automatic Ball Bonder
1 Palomar 8000i Wire Bonder
1 Fine Gold Manual Wire Bonder
1 Fine Aluminum Manual Wire Bonder
2 Trebor Die Bonders
1 Tencor Sigma Scan Thickness Measurement System

Thick Film Engineering

1 Thick Film Design CAD Station
1 Accuprobe Hybrid Probe Card Station
1 Darkroom equipped for Screen Printing


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